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How to Prepare for a Dental Cleaning

September 15, 2022

How to Prepare for a Dental Cleaning with Your Sterling Heights Dentist

You may think that it is unnecessary to plan or prep yourself before you go for a routine dental cleaning at Dental One Care in Sterling Heights, MI. Still, you will be surprised at how a little preparation will go a long way. In this article, How to Prepare for a Dental Cleaning, Dr. Fadi Farhat recommends that you take before you come in for your dental cleaning.

Delay Teeth Whitening

First, the professionals at Dental One Care say that many teeth whitening products make teeth sensitive, and this can predispose you to feel a lot of discomforts while your teeth are being cleaned by a professional shortly after you whitened those teeth.

Secondly, when you whiten your teeth before they have been cleaned by a professional, the chance of success is limited. So, it is better to hold off on whitening your teeth until the cleaning is done.

Take Notes

Undergoing dental cleaning at Dental One Care in Sterling Heights, MI, provides an excellent opportunity to ask the hygienist or dentist any question about your dental health. For example, if you feel some tooth sensitivity when you brush, let your dentist know during your dental visit. They will give you some easy tips and tricks so to improve your tooth sensitivity.

Don’t Be Overenthusiastic When Brushing

It is common for some patients to pay extra attention and brush vigorously just before their dental cleaning. While brushing like crazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can deny your dentist the opportunity to identify problem areas. When those problem areas aren’t identified, you will go home and return to your normal brushing technique, and the problem areas may develop dental issues. So, Dr. Fadi Farhat suggests that you brush as you normally do.

Reschedule If You Are Sick

Professional dental cleanings often involve removing plaque and tartar (the hardened or calcified plaque) from beneath the gum line. This activity can give some bacteria a chance to enter the bloodstream. The body usually deals with that bacteria so that it doesn’t cause you any problems.

However, your immune system may be weak if you undergo the cleaning when you are sick, so there is a chance that the oral bacteria that enter your bloodstream during the cleaning can compromise your health further. Dr. Fadi Farhat, therefore, says that it is best to wait until you feel better before you come in for a dental cleaning at Dental One Care.

Be Truthful

It is easy to bend the truth when you visit your dentist in Sterling Heights, MI, for a dental cleaning. For example, some people may lie about how often they brush each day. Withholding information or telling lies can be counterproductive because the recommendations that Dr. Fadi Farhat makes may be affected by the inaccurate information you have provided. For example, the dentist in Sterling Heights may recommend a mouthwash with a higher concentration of antimicrobial agents. On the other hand, regular brushing could have been sufficient.

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