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6 Signs of Dental Cavities

September 15, 2022

Watch Out for These Signs of Dental Cavities

If you have not visited your dentist in Sterling Heights, MI lately, chances are that you have cavities. This is because nearly everyone develops a cavity at some point in their lives, and some people have a higher susceptibility to this dental problem more than others do. Cavities may or may not cause noticeable signs and symptoms, so the best way to know for sure if you have cavities is by visiting your Sterling Heights dentist. Here are some of the possible signs that could alert you to the presence of a cavity.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most common signs of cavities. This is because cavities are caused by the activity of bacteria in your mouth, and the metabolic activities of the bacteria may cause you to have bad breath. Dr. Fadi Farhat, the best dentist in Sterling Heights, cautions that you visit a professional if you are finding yourself with chronic bad breath.

An Unpleasant Taste in Your Mouth

Dental cavities may be the culprit if you are noticing an unpleasant taste that lingers in your mouth. No amount of brushing or using mouthwash can eliminate this bad taste completely since the problem is entrenched in your mouth. Dr. Farhat, a Sterling Heights dentist says deep cavities are particularly notorious for causing this bad taste since the cavity will have reached the nerves and caused those nerves to start dying.

Tooth Pain

Not all cavities will cause you to feel tooth pain, so don’t imagine that you don’t have dental caries if you aren’t experiencing any pain. Cavities can cause pain when they get deep enough to irritate the nerves in your teeth. Tooth pain due to cavities can also be triggered when you eat or drink something hot or cold. It is, therefore, best to see a Sterling Heights dentist if you experience tooth pain or tooth sensitivity.

Dark Spots on Teeth

If you notice a dark spot on your tooth that you hadn’t seen before, it is possible that what you are seeing has been caused by a cavity. However, not everyone is lucky enough to develop that dark spot in a location that can be visible when they look in a mirror, so this observable sign could remain hidden out of sight. If you are one of those who see this dark spot, contact Dental One Care immediately so that Dr. Fadi Farhat can confirm or rule out a cavity, and then offer the appropriate treatment.

Holes in Teeth

As cavities remain untreated for long, they deepen to the extent that you will notice holes in your teeth when you move your tongue over the surface of your teeth. However, not all holes are caused by cavities. Some holes may result from other dental defects, such as a chipped tooth. So, the only way to be certain is to search for a dentist near me online.

The Presence of Pus

If you ever notice pus in your mouth, see Dr. Fadi Farhat immediately. Just to clarify, pus is a yellowish or whitish substance that accumulates around areas where inflammation has occurred. Pus has two major constituents, the first being dead white blood cells that had been sent to deal with the bacteria causing the infection at the site of inflammation. The other constituent is liquor puris, a liquid that is protein-rich. Because pus is often linked to an infection, you are likely to experience other signs of infection, including chills and fevers.

By the time pus forms in a cavity, the decay has progressed so much that an abscess has formed, and you are at risk of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Prompt medical attention is vital to safeguard you from the grave risk you face, so don’t wait to get in touch with Dr. Fadi Farhat at Dental One Care in Sterling Heights, MI.

Cavities start in a simple enough way, but they can quickly progress to a level at which not just your teeth but your life is at risk as well. A preventive approach is, therefore, the best way to keep on top of the situation, and our team at Dental One Care is waiting to give you the preventive or any other care that you need to restore your dental health if you are found to have a cavity. Give us a call today!

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