VHF Precision Dental Mill / Same Day Crown

We offer VHF Precision Dental Mill Technology to provide our patients with Same Day Crowns and Dentures.

No more messy impression materials or hassle with annoying temporaries! E4D Technology offers our patients the opportunity to have a beautiful restoration designed, fabricated and delivered in a single appointment!

Using, VHF Precision Dental Mill Technology, we are able to take a photo scan of your tooth with a special laser camera that safely captures the anatomy of the prepared tooth and renders it as a 3-dimensional image.

We then customizes your crown, inlay or onlay using your digital “impression” and 3D imaging software.

The VHF Precision Dental milling system employs CAD/CAM technology to shape your restoration from a high-strength, metal-free ceramic or composite block in a shade to match your smile. This eliminates the repeat visit after sending the impression off to a lab, as this is now able to be done while you are in the chair!

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