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What is Bruxism?

September 15, 2022

What is Bruxism?

Do you wake up with unexplained tenderness in your jaw? Does your significant other tell you that you grind your teeth in your sleep? Dental professionals describe bruxism is the term used to describe teeth clenching or grinding. Bruxism can lead to a number of oral health care concerns, including serious damage to your previously healthy teeth.

The better you understand bruxism and how it can impact more than just your ability to get a restful night, the better you’ll understand the treatment options that you have available to you from your dentist in Sterling Heights MI, Dr. Fadi Farhat.

Causes of Bruxism

There are several causes behind teeth grinding, with stress and anxiety often being the primary factors. If you feel stress and anxious during your waking hours, you are much more likely to feel the effects of the stress during your sleeping hours. This can lead to clenching your jaw in your sleep and also grinding your teeth.

Bruxism can also be attributed to an undiagnosed condition known as sleep apnea. Those who live with this condition experience irregular or paused breathing when they are asleep. A night guard can help many patients with their sleep apnea, but it’s important to undergo a sleep study that can evaluate your unique condition.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Outside of your partner telling you that you grind your teeth in your sleep, there are several other symptoms of bruxism for you to keep in mind.

  • Frequent headaches in the morning
  • Tightness, discomfort or pain in the jaw muscles
  • Unexplained wear and chipping on teeth
  • Damage to restorative dental work, including fillings and crowns
  • Loose teeth or the ultimate loss of teeth

Preventing Bruxism

Protecting your teeth from further damage is an essential part of keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright. First and foremost, your first visit should be to your dentist Sterling Heights MI patients should know. Your dentist will be able to examine your teeth and any damage that may need to be repaired. Keeping on top of tooth damage or gum inflammation can help to prevent tooth loss.

The best preventative solution will be using a custom-fit and professionally made mouthguard. The mouth guard, worn while you sleep, will help to protect your teeth from the nighttime grinding. This will have the positive effect of keeping your tooth enamel healthy and could help you to see a reduction in those headaches that have been plaguing you each morning.

Are you looking to preserve the health of your teeth and protect against teeth grinding? Whether looking for bruxism solutions or orthodontic solutions, you will find that our team at Dental One Care offers a treatment plan that will meet your individual oral health care needs. 

To find out more, contact us at Dental One Care to speak to one of our dental professionals. We can answer your questions and schedule your appointment with Dr. Farhat so that you can learn more about bruxism and find the right treatment solution for your needs.

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