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The Complex Role of Braces

September 27, 2022

The Complex Role of Braces

When you hear the word “braces”, the first thing that pops up in your mind is teeth straightening. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is a lot more to it that is often overlooked.

Properly aligned teeth can help boost your confidence and misaligned teeth that are not corrected can cause major issues over time. Maintaining oral hygiene is also easier when your teeth are aligned properly.

The Non-Cosmetic Benefits of Braces

Braces improve daily hygiene habits

When your teeth are straight, it is a lot easier to clean them using your toothbrush and dental floss. This is because they can easily reach the surfaces better and there are no hard to reach places in between your teeth caused by overcrowding and overlapping of teeth. Hence, the formation of plaque will be reduced by a significant amount.

Braces improve long term oral health

Since straight teeth are easier to clean, they are also most likely to have less buildup of calculus deposits and tartar. If this is not the case then this excessive buildup can cause gum disease known as Periodontitis. This can also lead to  bone loss around the teeth or even teeth loss. Teeth that are properly aligned and spaced will help in keeping your mouth healthier.

Braces correct misaligned bites

One of the most impactful functions of braces is to correct an improperly balanced bite. By correcting under-bite, cross-bite, over-bite, etc., excessive wear on the surface of the teeth in the future can be avoided. It can even prevent teeth loss for, extreme cases.

Even though it not very common, straightening teeth and improving a patient’s bite by the means of orthodontic treatments and assist other procedures like prosthodontic work which involves crowns, veneers, bridges or implants.

It would be best to contact a dentist about how orthodontic treatments can help improve the overall health of your mouth. And if you are in search of an orthodontist who you can blindly trust in maintaining the healthiness of your mouth then visit us in Sterling Heights, MI.

Client satisfaction is our main objective and to ensure that the patient is fully satisfied with the treatment, our team of highly qualified orthodontists combines their skills with their experience to guarantee the patient visits us the next time they have a dental issue. Our team of orthodontists consists of Dr. Fadi Farhat who has years of dental experience and a lot of satisfied patients.

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