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Crowns Versus Bridges

September 27, 2022

Crowns Versus Bridges

Dental Crowns and bridges are restorative options for chipped, cracked, broken or even missing teeth. But, what do these restorations refer to and when is each best suited for you? Read on and discover the answers to these and more questions as shared by the professionals at Dental One Care in Sterling Heights, MI.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Crowns are also referred to as tooth caps or dental caps. These restorations cover every part of the tooth above the gum line. This restoration is best suited for situations when your tooth needs to have its strength or esthetic appearance improved.

At Dental One Care, we make crowns that resemble your natural teeth. It is therefore hard to distinguish a tooth with a crown from another without one. We can use different materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, resin, metal or a combination of these materials. All that you have to do is tell your dentist in Sterling Heights MI your needs and our team will recommend the best option to address your needs.

When is a Dental Crown Needed?

You may need a dental crown if an injury has caused a tooth to chip, crack or fracture. A crown is also useful if one or more teeth have a cosmetic defect, such as stains. People whose teeth have been weakened by a root canal procedure, tooth decay, bruxism or other mechanical stress can also benefit from the functional and cosmetic roles of dental crowns. You can talk to an orthodontist in Sterling Heights if you have any of the conditions for which a crown can help.

What Are Dental Bridges?

When you join several dental crowns together, that multi-crown restoration is called a dental bridge. It is useful when a patient has more than one missing tooth. A bridge gets its stability from the dental structures, such as implants or nearby natural teeth, on which it is anchored.

As is the case with crowns, dental bridges can also be made from a variety of materials. The dentist will assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate material.

If you are missing all the natural teeth in your lower or upper arch, Dental One Care recommends that you get a fixed dental bridge. This is because this permanent restoration will restore full functionality to your oral structures. Your smile will also be more pleasing since the bridge will have crowns that are tooth-like.

Why Missing Teeth Should Be Replaced Promptly

When you don’t replace a missing tooth promptly, the remaining teeth are likely to shift towards the gap. This can cause your teeth to become misaligned or crooked. You also risk looking older than you are because your facial appearance will alter as bone resorption occurs in the space left by the missing tooth. Dr. Farhat, a dentist in Sterling Heights, also warns that you are likely to develop bite problems as your remaining teeth shift and bite forces are no longer distributed evenly as you eat.

Needless to say, missing teeth can make it hard for you to speak or eat. It is therefore in your best interest to see an orthodontist in Sterling Heights MI so that an appropriate restoration can be provided. This is to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Taking Care of Your Bridge or Crown

The first step to maintaining your dental bridge or crown is by being particular about your oral hygiene. Additionally, you need to visit Dental One Care regularly for a check-up and cleaning. Our professionals will use these bi-annual visits as an opportunity to check the condition of your crown or bridge to notice any issue.

If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges and crowns, contact us today and we will help you make an informed decision regarding the restoration most appropriate.

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